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Dear visitor, if you are looking for a private detective in Ankara at the moment the right place. Enterprise, a company


Yolnda to become a worldwide brand Dedective rapidly progressive, reliable and clear-cut Zabata special dedektiflikten can get the service. All of detectives, honest, reliable and secret. Our prices are higher corporate sense, is not taken into consideration the demands of low-wage work.


Turkey, in Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and other private detective services in all provinces, if you want to call or e-mail, send your Zabata private investigator.


Zabata Private Detective Agency, is a corporate company, serving the international level, the first detective agency. General business subjects lost animate or inanimate objects, imitations of patented products, finding the pirate finding, unsolved criminal cases, risk analysis, international individuals and organizations, are not contrary to the public interest and the law in question, which offers solutions to problems.



Dear customer, all you can think Turkey consultancy service.

Some of our services consultancy,

Investor Portfolio Research, Ankara

Ankara Training and Research,

Strategy Development in Ankara,

Strategy Implementation (Balanced Scorecard), Ankara,

Strategic Alliances and Post Merger Integration in Ankara,

Scenario Planning in Ankara,

Country Strategies in Ankara,

Management Quality Research,

Institutionalization Research, Ankara

Human Resources Research, Ankara


Public Opinion Survey in Ankara,

Survey Research in Ankara,

Project Consulting in Ankara,



Private Security in Ankara,

Legal Advice in Ankara,

Foreigners Advisory Ankara,

Production Consulting in Ankara,

Product Market Research and Marketing

Country Research,

Financial Research


Turkey might have written above, and other substances can get advice on many issues Dedektiflikten Zabata. Consulting services in Turkey will receive almost compass. Many of you will get an affordable counseling service in Turkey, you can protect yourself from risk. For example, economic data, in Turkey the state by the command artificially good show. Market economic data reflecting the fact that a survey will do so by giving annotated by us, will decide the right investment.

Turkey also want to invest in a particular sector, but this sector in Turkey, I wonder if you expect alabilirimisiniz alamazmısınız efficiency? Zabata detective have to go ahead with a research question and receive the answer to a healthy economic damages eurolık saved millions of dead.

Dear visitor, if you are looking for a private detective in Turkey at the moment the right place. Enterprise, a company can get the service Zabata dedektiflikten reliable and clear-cut. Police detectives origin, and all of them are honest, reliable, competent, and ketumdurlar. Turkey, in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and other private detective services in all provinces Zabata detective, please call or E-mail us if you want to.


Turkey Private Detective Some of our services,


Product Brand-Patent Research in Ankara

Hostage and Ransom Research in Ankara

Pre-Marriage Research in Ankara

Fraud Events Research Ankara

Country General Konjektor Research in Ankara

Company Research and General Analysis in Turkey, Ankara, Turkey

Murder Investigation Ankata

How to Find Missing People in Ankara

Crime Scene Investigation Ankara

Stolen Goods Research in Ankara

Land Real Estate Research Ankara

Retirement Case Study in Ankara

Insurance counterfeits Research in Ankara

Fraud Investigation Ankara

People Research in Ankara

Asset Research Ankara

Insect Call (Electronic), Ankara